UK businesses are investing more into corporate wellness

A new study by workforce performance business CR Worldwide has stated that an increase in workplace stress management associated with younger workers in the UK has resulted in a rise in businesses investing in wellness and nature breaks.

The report based on over 280,000 employees states that UK businesses have doubled investment into the wellness industry over the last 12 months. CR Worldwide suggests UK investment in employee wellness and reward programs is rising fast, with businesses increasing their average spend on employee programs in recent years.

As a result of rising workplace stress and a similar increase in corporate wellness programs, there have been over 20% year-on-year increase in average UK spending on health, wellness and travel programs. The number of nature-focused activities has more than doubled in the last year, due to proven scientific studies showing the therapeutic effects nature has on mental health.

In an attempt to improve corporate wellness, businesses are increasingly featuring health-based activities into their company plans. Businesses are also utilising more data and employee information to create targeted programs that meet their requirements. David Gould, the CEO of CR Worldwide states that employers are committing more to create programs that incorporate health, wellness and nature. Gould believes that data implies that businesses are investing more in employee wellbeing and supporting the development of corporate wellness programs. One of the key drivers for this change is the increased need to hire a younger workforce and proving to this next generation of workforce that businesses do care about wellbeing and are focused on managing workplace stress.

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