Combining the natural environment, lifestyle and psychoeducation to improve health and well-being

Founder of Thera-Sea Katy, has incorporated her own personal mental health journey with her extensive clinical experience and the effects our environment and lifestyle has on human health to create ‘The Thera-Sea Method’

‘The Thera-Sea Method’ equips people with the skills they require to revolutionise mental well-being and create lasting change.

Katy has worked with a multitude of organisations to provide this truly unique perspective on well-being initiatives.

Thera-Sea is proud to have worked with private groups along with businesses both in the public and private sector namely: PWC, Finisterre, Cornwall Council, Devon & Cornwall Police and the NHS.

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Thera-Sea Method
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natural environment, lifestyle and psychoeducation to improve health and well-being

There are no shortcuts or quick fixes when it comes to nurturing your health and well-being. To set people up for success, they must first be equipped with basic understanding of human function and the impact our environment has on human health. Then be educated on what they can do to help themselves when they start to feel overwhelmed.


The Thera-Sea Method  is dedicated to taking an educationalscience-backed approach to improving health and well-being


Company founder Katy Griffin has combined her extensive clinical experience, her personal history and recognition of the positive impacts of a holistic lifestyle approach to create talks, courses and adventures adaptable for all audiences.

What our participants say:

Based on 24 reviews
Darius Keeler
12 May 2023
What a wonderful place! I didn't know what to expect as it was my first retreat but it was really special. Sharing thoughts and discussions with people you don't know was very refreshing. Everyone there was open and relaxed and just gave the weekend a very cool vibe. Food made by Tori was so so tasty and Kate was really experienced in her field and a very warm engaging person. Also the activities guy Mark was fantastic! Highley recommend!!! Darius and Svetlana.
Elisha McDonald
17 October 2021
Really enjoyed my time at Thera-sea, thank you to the team for all that you do xx
16 October 2021
Came to Thera-Sea not really knowing what to expect but it has been an incredible experience. Beautiful location, delicious food, and an absolutely amazing group of people. Learnt a lot of valuable lessons and enjoyed all the activities.
Tom Ford
11 October 2021
A brilliant experience, it exceeded all my expectations. Spiritually and physically it was just the tonic I needed, after some stressful times. Katy and her team are fantastic, the retreat offers just enough structure but not too much, just the right amount of self reflection Vs grounding hands-on experiences in nature. The setting is beautiful. The food is hearty and delicious. The group therapy workshops were great as were the morning plunges into the river and the bushcraft sessions. Loved it.
11 October 2021
I decided to book with Thera-Sea, after reading a great article in the Evening Standard. Safe to say, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! Feeling a bit nervous going on my own, but once I'd met Katy, her team and the rest of our group, they couldn't have been more welcoming and friendly. The group activities were great fun, from paddle boarding, making our own campfires and wild swimming to name a few! All fantastic experiences, accompanied by Katy and her teams great knowledge of all things wellness and wilderness! Thank you Katy, Mark and Stuart (not forgetting Bruce!) for a great experience. If you are thinking of booking this weekend, rest assured you will not regret it if you give it a go!
Amy Insley
11 October 2021
I don’t have words for what an incredible person you are and how important and touching the work you do is. Thanks for making such a safe and happy place for us all to be ourselves xx what you’ve created is nothing short of courageous and inspiring. You save people’s lives, there’s nothing more important. Sending huge hugs and good vibes to you and everyone who made Therasea what it is XX
Hannah Harris
30 September 2021
I visited recently, after taking a gamble and pre-booking my trip in February. I'd wanted to go the previous year but a number of the dates were either booked out or cancelled due to issues with the changing covid regulations. As it came close to the trip last-minute anxiety hit me and I almost didn't go, so am glad they don't offer refunds, as this pushed me to go. I am ecstatic that I went in the end, as the experience was life changing ❤️ The workshops led by Katy, have stayed with me and weeks later I'm following through with goals I made for my health, wellbeing and interaction with friends and family. The site itself is very hilly and works those leg muscles, which is fine if you're super fit or an unfit person like me, it's still manageable, so don't let that worry you. Mark our activities expert led some really interesting workshops in fire building, axe throwing, den building and paddle boarding. The cottage is right next to the River Fal, which is the perfect location for your wild swimming sessions. It was pure joy to jump in that water day or night, made you feel alive 🏊🏾‍♀️ Stuart our chef, cooked the most outstanding healthy meals and definately ignited my passion for cooking and wanting to know more abourt foraging. Cooking and chatting around the camp fire took me back to memories of my Girl Guide days and it was so peaceful, fun and quiet. At night you could see the stars (too much light pollution in London) and illuminated algae (didn't know this existed in the UK) in the water. I was fortunate enough to get upgraded due to some last minute cancellation and had a lovely soft and warm bed. My only issue is that the fire alarm was above my bed and I had a constant green light blinking in my face, I could have properly swapped to the other end of the bed but didn't think of that? The shower facilities are outside and lovely and hot, temperature can be adjusted and the toilets are also outside. If you're a wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night person like me, the toilets are within easy reach of the cottage. They send you a packing suggestion list which was great and I took warm layers, stretchy breathable material clothes and waterproofs/swimming gear and good footwear. When it came to the end of the weekend I didn't want to leave. Meeting such a fab bunch of like-minded people has been so inspiring and encourages me to keep moving forward. If you're in doubt I highly recommend taking the plunge and booking up with Katy and her team. Hopefully you'll get to meet Bruce to, who is the cutest little dog and is full of beans xxxx
katherine mann
17 September 2021
Last weekend I had an wonderful time on the river Fal with Therasea. I came back feeling relaxed, calm and nurtured. The place is amazing, so good for the soul! Waking up for a morning swim in the river was lush and such a great way to start the day! The food was delicious and foraging for the fish for the paella was good fun. So nice to eat all out meals outside and round the campfire in the evenings. I think I had the best nights sleep I've ever had there. The beds were so comfy. I came away with a commitment to slow down and take time more time to relax and breathe deeply. I met some lovely people, learnt a lot and had an all round great time. Thank you therasea and 4 elements adventure for a lovely weekend.
29 June 2021
Wow. I needed that. Such a great few days away. It was so freeing to just be able to switch off and be. Katy has setup a great getaway. The location is great, the activities were great, and the food from Aussie Smoker was an added b