Thera-Sea method programme for confidence, emotional balance and happiness



The Thera-Sea Method is a powerful mind management model that can improve improve your self awareness, resilience and coping skills for life success.

What the course can help with…

  1. Reducing Anxiety and stress
  2. Becoming happier and healthier
  3. Enhancing Mood and balance emotions
  4. Reforming Resilience
  5. Better Self-Esteem
  6. Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  7. Coping with Trauma
  8. Boosting confidence
  9. Increasing Sleep Quality
  10. Optimising Mental Clarity and Focus

Unleash your full potential and start the journey to nurturing your health and happiness using proven tools and methods.

The programme includes three group sessions lasting up to 90 minutes online and led by specialist clinician and founder of Thera-Sea  Katy Griffin.

Katy has devoted her career to helping people with mental health difficulties. She has 14 years experience working as a mental health nurse and specialises in lifestyle medicine and the natural environment and human health. She is qualified and certified in cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive analytical therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, and psychodynamic psychotherapy. She has also worked as a Mental Health Specialist for Falmouth University.

To simplify the how our mind works and the best way to enhance coping skills, Katy created the Thera-Sea method. Initially only teaching the method in the natural environment, now due to popular demand the Thera-Sea Method Programme is available online to ensure it is accessible for all.  Katy is a strong advocate for a modern day approach to managing health and well-being.

Learning outcomes include:

Session 1

  1. Self-regulation and the brain; the biology of stress to develop a better understanding of stress
  2. Understanding the function of the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight)
  3. Understanding how emotions affect us

Session 2

  1. Understanding the importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep for positive mental health. Good sleep habits and sleep misconceptions, Exercise and lifestyle as medicine, Nutrition: gut health and the microbiome
  2. The importance of relaxation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system -how to stay calm in a busy world: the importance of relaxation and meditation
  3. ‘Those who have a why can bear almost and how’ – The importance of having a purpose

Session 3

  1. Processing difficult experiences
  2. Validating emotions
  3. The power of vulnerability, authenticity and connection


Maximum capacity for each group is 20 people.


Held each Tuesday from 6-7.30pm

November 2023 dates: 7th, 14th and 21st

February 2024 dates: 6th, 13th, and 20th

March 2023 dates: 5th, 12th and 19th


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November Group, January Group, March Group


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