Four reasons why Sri Lanka is the perfect place for a wellness retreat

To date, all Thera-Sea’s well-being retreats have been based on the beautiful River Fal in Cornwall. This January, the retreat is having a sunny make-over. Beaches, diverse culture, wellness, water sports and so much more…Sri Lanka is the perfect destination for a winter get-away…and here’s why.

Why you should choose Sri Lanka for your next wellness retreat

  1. Waves for days – Sri Lanka has been on the map of traveling surfers since the 70’s but it’s still relatively quiet. Whilst most surfers head for Indonesia, Sri Lanka is receiving the same swells, but due to the deep water over the reefs, it is a great place for beginner – intermediate surfers to get an introduction to surfing reef breaks. Learning a new sport or honing your skills in the ocean is an amazing way to improve your well-being.

  2. The colourful cuisine – Sri Lankan food is delicious, nutritious and spiced! Banana coconut pancakes for breakfast, a light coconut curry for lunch, a traditional dosa for dinner…absolute heaven

  3. The wildlife – Sri Lanka is an exotic paradise with breath-taking beauty and fascinating wildlife. The Thera-Sea retreat is set away from the hustle and bustle in the jungle. Being surrounded by nature is an ideal setting for a retreat. Not far from the accommodation, you can find elephants in Yala National Park and turtles at Turtle Cove.

  4. The people – the Sri Lankan locals are incredibly warm and welcoming. It’s a joyous place to take a break.

Thera-sea’s surf and wellness retreat in Sri Lanka is running this coming January. You’ll get a week of expert surf coaching (whatever your ability), 10 yoga sessions overlooking the ocean, nutritious food and gorgeous beach front accommodation. What makes this retreat truly life-changing is the stress-management workshops which will empower you to take control of your own well-being. This way, when you return home, you’ll have the tools to overcome life’s challenges. Find out more in the brochure here.