Simplifying Mental Health to Inspire People to Get the Best out of Themselves and Others

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Thera-Sea was founded by Katy Griffin, a leading mental health expert who has enjoyed a successful career as a mental health nurse. Thera-Sea is a company dedicated to taking an educational approach to preventing mental health difficulties by supporting participants to advance their awareness of mental health and those around them. Thera-Sea is determined to take prevention of mental health difficulties to the next level in a bid to try and make real change in the way we treat mental health.

Thera-Sea does not believe in quick fix solutions for such complex issues. Instead, company founder Katy has combined her clinical and personal experience, scientific research and case histories to present broad perspective talks and workshops delivered using simple, uncomplicated language. Thera-Sea aims to enlighten and motivate participants to advance their own awareness and skills set as well as the people around them.

Who is Thera-Sea suited to?

For participants who appreciate a high standard of expertise, delivered in an informative yet enjoyable format.

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Topics we cover in our workshops:

  • Self-regulation and the brain; the biology of stress to develop a better understanding of stress

  • Understanding the function of the autonomic nervous system (fight or flight)

  • Understanding how emotions affect us 

  • Understanding the importance of exercise, nutrition and sleep for positive mental health.Good sleep habits and sleep misconceptions, Exercise and lifestyle as medicine, Nutrition: gut health and the microbiome

  • The importance of relaxation to activate the parasympathetic nervous system -how to stay calm in a busy world: the importance of relaxation and meditation

  • Those who have a why can bear almost and how’ – The importance of having a purpose

  • Processing difficult experiences

  • Validating emotions

  • The power of vulnerability, authenticity and connection


Available Dates

Our 2023 calendar is now open for booking a Cornish three-night get away.


If you’re looking for something for your workplace, Thera-Sea has a range of options available. Combine your team away day with a wellness workshop or enquire about a team adventure.

Thera-Sea can provide tailor-made courses anywhere in the UK for private groups of 15+. If you don’t live near the ocean, we can deliver our courses in any ‘blue space’ including lakes, rivers and reservoirs. We can cater to children and family therapy groups, vulnerable groups or those with learning difficulties. Please enquire.