Day Retreats


Looking for an awayday for your organisation, with an additional twist?

Thera-Sea provides day retreats that incorporate fun activities and educational workshops. They provide your team with time out to relax from the stressors of everyday life, have some fun, reconnect to their inner joy and learn how to improve their wellbeing in our workshop run by the founder of Thera-Sea and mental health nurse, Katy.


We can offer a range of different activities depending on your groups needs and the weather conditions. Our activities range from bushcraft, survival skills, wild swims, yoga, breath work and team building.


Our day retreats are held at a stunning off-grid location, that provides the right environment to enable people to reconnect to nature and switch off from the outside world for a whole day.

We believe that when people remember what it feels like to experience that inner calm, they are much more likely to make positive changes to their everyday lives to keep this going.


It’s not just about activity and adventure

What truly sets Thera-Sea apart from other team away days is the educational twist and practical advice shared by company founder Katy Griffin. The workshops consist of a presentation, group conversation, practical tasks, plus Q&A’s.

Take a seat at at our stunning location as Katy draws on her experience working as a mental health clinician to deliver evidence-based workshops that will equip your team with the tools needed to achieve their goals and manage stress in their daily life. 

Please enquire for available dates and prices.