So…what actually is lifestyle medicine?

As a mental health clinician, I’ve found that the majority of patients I see are experiencing stress induced by their lifestyle. I love our NHS, but our healthcare system offers talking therapies and medication to these issues, which so many people simply don’t find helpful. The good news however is that there’s a proven way to successfully manage stress and improve well-being…it’s called lifestyle medicine.

Lifestyle medicine focuses on enabling a healthy lifestyle to prevent and treat chronic conditions. Lifestyle medicine is based on the scientific evidence which is constantly emerging about how a healthy lifestyle can be an incredibly powerful tool for positively affecting our health and wellbeing. Lifestyle medicine requires an understanding of the physical, emotional, environmental and social determinants of disease.

The great thing about lifestyle medicine is that the patient is able to take charge of risk factors, and when given the tools they are able to have a huge impact on their own well-being, with no drugs involved. The aspects of how to live well are known as the pillars of lifestyle medicine. They include, exercise, how we relax, what we eat, how much sleep we get, the relationships we have and our purpose in life.

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